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Fehrer Enterprise Corporation (also known as Fehrer group), was established in 1973, which is the biggest professional needle punching nonwovens carpet manufacturer in Taiwan. The business scope covers automobile carpets, floor mats, carpet tiles, household blankets, non-slip mats, knitted fabrics and filtration materials. And in the automotive carpet field covers customers of Ford, TOYOTA, Honda, MITSUBISHI, Mazda and nagji.

At present, Fehrer Group has already established factories in Taiwan, Zhejiang, Wuhan, Jiangsu of China and Ohio of USA.




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We are committed to providing high quality commercial carpet for global customers.

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Jiangsu Fehrer Carpet Co., Ltd.

It is a domestic enterprise specializing in the production of block carpets

Taiwan Fu Ya Le enterprise Limited by Share Ltd (also known as Fu Yale group), founded in 1973, is the largest knitting and nonwovens carpet factory in Taiwan.

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We can design unique style and pattern carpets for customers until you are satisfied. The most important thing is to design different carpet solutions free of charge according to the needs of customers.

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We are committed to the production of environmentally friendly carpet products

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The group covers car carpets, ground mats, carpets, block carpets, household blankets, slip mats, knitted fabrics and filter materials, and customers in the automotive carpet field are Ford, TOYOTA, Honda, MITSUBISHI, Mazda and nagji.

  • Address: Longxi Road, Yuxi Supporting Area, Huishan Economic Development Zone, Wuxi
  • Tel:4000880686
  • Email:fehrersh@fehrerflor.com

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Create more livable green living environment for users